We have loved having Helen White at our studio. She comes to a classes super regularly and when she shared with me how much she had benefitted from her yoga journey, expressing it so well, I asked her if she would write a blog!

So, we hand over to Helen 🙂 Thank you for sharing Helen and for your kind words about our teachers and studio.

I never had time for yoga, I struggled to schedule all the running, cycling, HIIT and weights as it was. Yoga was not essential for the fitness and leanness that I desired. Secretly I found it hard and frustrating, I’d been plagued by injuries and tightness for years and watching flexible young things bend with ease left me feeling inadequate. I stuck to what I knew and was good at, hard cardio.
Unfortunately pounding the pavement took it’s toll and after the third year of serious injury I knew it was time to really give it a go. I quit all sports and gave myself a goal of yoga 2-3 times a week for a month until I was able to get back in the gym.

Luckily this was about the time that Wild Wolf Yoga studio was set up. I remember my first class barely being able to touch my toes and my first (infamous) lesson with Julia where I ended up being the only one in the studio. There was nowhere to hide and she beasted my core so that I was aching for days. I loved it, the classes were not only varied in style but every week it’s switched up, the mantra different, the practice unique. At different hours on different days I could switch between a strengthening power yoga to a restorative yin. Through Wild Wolfs I got to see how varied and enjoyable yoga was and how I could incorporate it into my fitness goals and needs.

I’m now into my 8th month of practicing yoga. I saw it as a temporary fix but now I see it as an essential part of my fitness regime, if not the core (pun intended). It’s not just the benefits that I expected to see, flexibility and reduced injury risk, it has improved all of my other sports monumentally. I have more power and strength in everything I tackle, from cycling the epic hills around Bristol to hiking the mountains, I’ve never been this strong or had such easy recovery from the challenges I give my body.

I don’t think it’s the yoga alone that has changed my attitude, after all I’ve tried it several times over the last 10 years without catching the bug. Wild Wolf has been amazing place to practice, warm and welcoming with amazing knowledgeable teachers who push me to reach that little bit further every day.