I had to interview Lyd and her Spring Bootcamp pack. I hear their raucous laughter in the morning and have heard about their stretch and strength gain. The fun, friendship and laughter is the icing on the cake and seems to be an important element of their success. Supporting each other in feeling GREAT. And, of course, this is what are studio grew from and this is what we are all about. A massive shout out to Lydia Bat, who I have to say, is one of the most heartwarming, sweet and quietly strong young women I know. It is an honour to call her a friend and have her in our studio. GOOD VIBES and awesome coaching skills. She is a total dream…

So with the imminent sign up for Summer Stretch & Strength Bootcamp, I invite you to join us in hearing from Lyd and the girls!


Tell me about the achievement and targets you set with your girls.
LYDIA:Achievements for the girls are based on what they’re goals are. Either skill, strength or body composition they all have something different they are working towards.
What has been your highlight of this 8 week programme?
LYDIA: This spring 8 week program highlights are the girls bonding as a group coming together and becoming each other’s inspiration. They are all part of a Facebook group motivating each other inside and outside of the sessions.
What is up next with your Summer bootcamp?
LYDIA: Next up is summer Bootcamp this will include more goals and more members. HiiT training a big part of bootcamp its programmed once a week to get those ready for their summer holidays and body confidence.
What has it been like working with a set group for 8 weeks?
LYDIA: I’ve loved working with this group for the first time over the past 8 weeks, I’ve become close to each member and really understood what they want to achieve from the sessions. Strength confidence and flexibility has been a huge achievement for all of these women.

Here is the interview with some of the girls:

What has been your bootcamp highlight?
IZZY: Highlight was last week, conditioning session when I worked harder than ever before in my life, and felt amazing after.
CERI: Achieving head stands at 46! Taken me way too long to give them a go…
KAREN: My bootcamp highlight has been achieving a 4 minute plank, and being able to do a handstand against a wall (I was always too scared to kick up!)
What skill/exercise/aspect of fitness has surprised you?
IZZY: How difficult handstands are now I’m way taller then I used to be as a kid…
CERI: How you can’t compromise strength over flexibility or the other way round- they really do need to be developed in tandem
KAREN: What has surprised me is how strong you can get so quickly with regular training (push ups for example!)
There seems a very strong sense of team spirit (I can hear you girls laughing from upstairs!); tell me a little bit about that…
IZZY: It’s such a nice feeling being together as a group, and as we have got to know each other it feels so supportive, especially when you are struggling to hold a dish or finish an exercise thats killing you, a lot of laughter and swearing
CERI: The motivation you get from seeing & hearing(!) the effort everyone puts in is contagious- as is the laughing which is so much healthier than any moaning…
KAREN:There has always been such an amazing energy in the group right from the get go – I’ve been going for nearly 5 months now and the people really make my morning – no matter how grumpy or tired I might feel when I wake up, 5 minutes in this class have me laughing and energised, I’ve made amazing friends and it’s changed my whole feeling of well being inside and out. Everyone roots for each other and we always end up in hysterics about something or other – and nothing gets you set up for the day like peeing your pants about something stupid first thing in the morning!
What would you say to someone that was unsure about a ‘bootcamp’ or early morning starts?
IZZY: Early mornings was a bit difficult at the beginning but now its such a routine and my body loves is, it makes your day so much better.
CERI:You get to enjoy eating a hearty breakfast & feel set for the day rather than sluggish…and a little bit smug that you are done and dusted by time most people get up!
KAREN: The early mornings were a struggle at first, but quickly became part of my routine and I’ve always had such a laugh at the classes that even if the work out has been a killer I still feel like I’ve had fun – it’s also done wonders for my emotional health and sense of well being – I feel more balanced in general and strong physically and mentally and it really gives me a positive boost in the morning. I can honestly say I’ve never woken up and thought “oh god I have to go to bootcamp” – I’m actually gutted if I have to miss one! Also you’re not shouted at like in a traditional boot camp – you’re always supported and encouraged and never feel like a failure.
Tell me about Lydia as a Coach.
IZZY: Lydia is sooo supportive and knows exactly what your body needs to do to get the most out of each exercise. She’s really inspirational and keeps us all going.
CERI: She has a great way of spotting/communicating ways to improve form/technique that isn’t belittling and certainly not shouty shouty….and, despite of her calm/gentle nature she still manages to make us work our socks off!
KAREN: Lydia is amazing – sweet, positive, supportive and SNEAKY! she gets you doing hardcore things and you don’t realise until halfway through! She’s a really great trainer, and knows when to push you and when to back off. She’s so good I’ve even started doing personal training sessions with her.
Lydia is looking for some new recruits- many of her Spring crew are signing up for the next round, Lyd’s Summer Series is going to kick start the Monday, Wednesday and Friday with these STRONG Rising Warriors sessions.
Awesome work, girls! I take a humble bow!!!