JOYOUS!!!!!!! Jason has been awesome student, new to yoga last spring and he is one of the most consistent and dedicated in the lunchtime sessions that myself, Lawrence and Julia have been delivering at Veale Wasbroughs Vizards HQ!

When Jason approached me after class to share this, I was thrilled and asked to take his picture 🙂 Thank you, Jason, for sharing this!


Hi Jess,

As mentioned at last Monday’s lunchtime class at VWV, I know that the weekly yoga in the office has been really helpful for my posture and flexibility but the results from a recent regular health check-up also confirmed some other benefits from yoga practise and breathing – an increased resilience to what the world throws at you!  See extract and result from follow up report below, which was a big improvement from the same test taken last year before I started the weekly yoga.





The way our heart beats can provide insight into how well we perform both physically and mentally. A heart beat that gradually increases and then decreases produces a healthy heart rate ‘pattern’. A smooth heart rate pattern is termed ‘Coherence’ and is associated with increased blood flow to the area of our brain responsible for problem solving, feeling emotions, decision making and enhanced cognitive performance.

Performance Benchmark

Your test measured your ability to place yourself into a mentally and physically balanced state on demand. Below is a statement that details where you sit in the population for your ability to move yourself into this state based on your age and gender.

You are in the top 10% for cognitive performance.