‘Time is an illusion.’ ~ Albert Einstein

I had to share this letter from one of our lovely students… She is a vibrant and sparkly one and as Joelle says herself, Yin is great to bring her into a little balance. She was kind to share these words after partaking in the Yin-a-thon we put on at during our Birthday weekend (yes, we know how to party!!!!!!!) We are looking to make this a monthly session because WE LOVED IT! I think her words and thoughts are far better to share- she stayed in for quite some time. Our teachers all taught 30 minute slots, however the studio space where the yin was happening seemed to be without time and our students could come and go as they pleased… It felt timeless and magical. Also it was so nice to have all of our teaching team in the studio at the same time… At one point Rachel, Kitty and I slipped into the studio to massage our Yinsters while Julia shared her session!

 Dear Wild Wolf Team,

Thank you so much for Sunday’s yin-a-thon! Here are a few words about my experience:-


Participating in the yin-a-thon was super-fun! Each teacher had a different focus on our physical bodies, but also offered unique guidance to help focus the breath and melt the body. For example, Lisette helped us open up the hips and Jess helped open the lungs, chest, and upper back. The community feeling was heartwarming. I loved how Kitty supported the little girl who joined us and it was great to see other teachers joining the class. The transition between teachers was seamless and I felt welcome to leave at any time or to stay all day – which I almost did! Doing a long yin session made me feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I felt like I was walking on air for the next few days.


Yin yoga is having a transformative effect on my practice on and off the mat. I’m naturally much more “yang”; yin yoga helps balance my energy so that I’m more physically flexible and emotionally gentle with myself and others. Can we have some 90-minute classes?


Thank you for creating such a welcoming space. Happy Birthday to the studio!


WE CONCLUDE- Longer sessions, lengthen the time we give to our practices where we can, a chance to sink deeper with these practices… Hmmmmm, Steph Julia and I have a meeting so we will be looking at all the wonderful things ahead… any  thoughts?

Love, Jess xxx