Our Studio

More Than Bricks and Mortar

Situated in the heart of the City of Bristol in the Old Stock Exchange building, our Studio has been designed and built by our family.

We have taken great care with this historic building, humbly respectfully and lovingly embracing the very bricks and mortar that make this a beautiful place. Atmosphere, environment and a warm welcome sit at the heart of all we do.

Hi from Jess and Steph, the founders of Wild Wolf’s Yoga.

Wild Wolf’s is the realisation of a dream that came about through our journey with yoga which began over twenty years ago. Right here, right now, we are ready to share this dream with you.

We are excited and inspired by our dedicated team of teachers and the dedication of our brother Adam, and our dad, Mark, who have supported us all the way with their creative input. We love working together as sisters, and can’t wait to welcome you.

Join us in our studio