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Be guided and supported by Wild Wolf’s teaching Team.



About Jess

Different ways of moving have always been in my life; I love the energy of dynamic practices and training and have discovered ways to balance and complement this by going more ‘yin-side’. I come from an education background, which led me to teaching children yoga alongside my other practices such as Yin and Yang Yoga, restorative and pre and post-natal Yoga.



About Ulle

I like to be challenged in physical activities and love to move in a different ways, weather it comes through a sweaty gym class to a slow pace yoga class. I also like to be in a place where it challenges my mindset to grow as a person and how to involve this in our daily lives to be able to love balanced and healthy. So as a yoga teacher I am intrigued at at the mental state of mind to discover the deeper layers of a practice beyond just the physical. I have a mischievous side and like to approach my classes with a big dose of fun to balance out the hard work. You will also find me at the studio behind the computer helping to run Wild Wolf’s smoothly!



About Mary

At the studio I am behind the scenes of all things visual, creative, and sensory. With the sole purpose of ensuring that whoever arrives experiences warmth, inclusivity, comfort and of course, tea. I help maintain a space that is open and safe, encouraging strong human connections, mindful movement, inner-curiosity and self-discovery. As a teacher I try and encourage power, strength and levity in my classes, not just in the physical sense. The inherent power and strength that comes in moments of silence and stillness, and the levity that comes with a smile and a breath.


Power Flow Yoga

About Rebecca

I always refer to yoga as my anchor; the knowledge that I can get on my mat, move, meditate, breathe, build strength, find some softness and cultivate calm, has taken me through some tough times! I am passionate about how the various tools of yoga can help alleviate anxiety. I love to practice strong Vinyasa Flow and Yin. As well as a strength building practice, I see Vinyasa as a moving meditation, which brings focus, stillness, and awareness. These days I also add a fair bit of Yin to my ‘yang’, slowing down and going deeper, physically and mentally.


Power Yoga | Intro to Yoga | Slow Flow & Wild Stretch

About Lawrence

Yoga is a powerful tool that can help us perform better at the things we love, whether that’s in our professional, personal or leisure lives. I aim to hold a safe and inclusive space for people to take control of their bodies and explore movements that can free up the common aches and pains that come with modern lifestyles. As a teacher, and as a student I continue to study a multitude of yoga and movement disciplines from tradition yoga systems to free movement, and share the most appropriate in fun, creative and liberating sessions that are accessible to all ages and levels of experience.



About Pip

I think my yoga would usually be described as accessible. Demystifying the ancient ways of yoga and presenting it in a way that is both useful and meaningful to the general population in this day and age, maybe with a side helping of dad jokes. My own practice (and therefore what I guide) is all about the pathway to embodiment, a physical and mental practice of self inquiry, not obsessing over “perfect postures” but about what comes up within as we transition from place to place. Taking it slow as life is too fast in the city. Listening and feeling deeply. We are all different and I think our yoga practice should be too.


Wild Flow Yoga

About Kitty

I have lived a life infused with Yoga since I was a young teenager. While studying a degree in Public Health in 2004 I discovered the dynamic Ashtanga Yoga practice and moved deeply into the Mysore form. Studying in India brought me closer to the sister school of Yoga, Ayurveda. My fascination with nutrition and healing plants continues to grow in the form of teaching and conducting one to one consultations. My travels have lead me to study with many yoga schools and I love bringing this rich blend of styles to the Wild Wolf community.



About Lisette

I am a qualified Thai massage therapist, and yin and hatha yoga teacher. My journey on the mat has reflected what happened off the mat; yoga was my anchor in turbulent times and my motivator in relaxed times. When I discovered yin yoga, it really resonated with me and made me feel like I was coming home as soon as I stepped onto the mat. This is what I want to offer people: finding a place of peace – mentally and physically – by doing yoga. I teach a special bi- monthly ‘Sink Into’ the weekend class which is 2 hours of Yin Yoga. Everybody needs a bit more yin in their lives!



About Ranta

I have been truly fortunate to have studied ancient Yoga practice from Masters such as Sri Dharma Mittra, Ana Forrest and Ambra Vallo. And i now practise a Life Philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism-Compassion & Non Violence. I fully believe in my heart that eating a plant-based diet and practicing yoga are what helped me get to such a peaceful state of mind and a strong body.

I feel so blessed that I get to share my knowledge with my students at Wild Wolf’s Yoga!


Wild Flow

About Fay

Since very young I have enjoyed and loved moving. Starting from a very traditional Cecchetti  Ballet method I danced regularly from 3 years old. I then went into a higher level education of Contemporary dance for most of my 20’s including the school of dance Trinity Laban to study choreography, music, performance, teaching and later a post graduate diplomer in Contemporary technique. After an injury I found yoga to be my most beautiful friend, it really nurtured and took care of all parts of me. This is what I wish to share, how the ancient tradition of yoga can still to this day offer a integrated practice that will open up new perspective, shift our energetic vibration and bring us all round health. I have studied Anusara, Restorative, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow yoga and many more yoga styles, I create a flow yoga class with a blend of movement, philosophy and sound.



About Elena

Much of my life has been spent training in the creative body, diverse years studying movement, performance, opera and visual arts furthering my fascination with the body’s ability to creatively express. This inspires patience and playfulness in my classes in a weaving together of travels and studies in Vinyasa, Hatha, Jivamukti over the years. As well as public classes it’s a joy to teach internationally at festivals & work locally with community groups and schools to bring yoga and arts practices to more isolated communities. The root of my desire to teach and build yoga ‘union’ through community.

I love to share Energizing Flow & Wild Flow classes with the warmth of the Wild Wolf community.


Girl’s Fight Club

About Bernie

I am a Personal Trainer with a belief that my work can integrate perfectly with yoga practice. My exercise and movement backgrounds include Muay Thai and Boxing, I also practice MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. I am excited to bring my knowledge of bodyweight strength and conditioning to the yoga studio to complement the teachings and ethos of Wild Wolf’s.


Ashtanga Yoga | New-Ish to Ashtanga

About Rachel

I am a firm believer that there is always an option for everyone and keep my classes as accessible as possible so will give opportunity for you to soften your practice or really challenge yourself depending on what you feel you need, which inevitably will vary from day to day. I currently assist my teacher, Melanie Cooper, with her teacher training as well as her Mysore classes, both of which are a great resource to further my knowledge and experience which is very important to me.  I like to keep classes focused but not too serious so expect to have fun too!



About Pip

I hail from a varied background of training giving me a broad pallet to play with when creating classes.  I trained as a sprinter and then coached athletics from a young age. Injury led me down a different route where I went on to study Contemporary dance and fell in love with movement. Entering the fitness world I qualified as a personal trainer, Pilates, and Yoga teacher. I also run a Barre fitness studio in Bristol where I regularly teach. Teaching is in my bones with over 10 years experience, I love to have fun and make you work hard!


Scaravelli Inspired Yoga

About Caroline

I have been teaching yoga since 2002. I teach relatively small groups (14 students max) so that I can give individual hands-on guidance. I encourage students to engage in a slow, gentle process that can bring a deepening release of tension, more freedom around the joints and greater clarity to movement. It is wonderful to rediscover the inherent flexibility of the spine, the beauty of the breath and to move towards a more easeful way of being.


Intro to Gymnastics | Strength & Stretch | Yin Yoga

About Lydia

I’m Lydia and my background is gymnastics. I have been coaching children and adults for three years. I am also a qualified Personal Trainer and improving people’s lifestyles and changing attitudes to training is central to all I do. Bringing gymnastics into your workouts is challenging and fun! I believe it’s important to enjoy what you do in an environment you enjoy being in.



About Lottie

I love working with different people and helping individuals find a yoga practice that makes them feel good. My teaching style is inspired by my exploration of a range of yoga styles, from more dynamic vinyasa flow to hatha and restorative yoga. In our classes together, I encourage you to find a yoga practice that works for you. To flow, move with the breath, have fun and maybe make some shapes that you haven’t made before.


Wild Cub Yoga

About Carolyn

When I’m not teaching Flow Yoga or busy being a Mum, I can be found in schools and studios teaching yoga to Primary and Pre-school children. Capturing imagination through stories, songs and games children can engage with yoga from an early age. Their energy, ideas and spontaneity knows no bounds – they are all my awesome teachers too! Whether sharing yoga with you, kids in schools, pre-schoolers or families, I’m passionate about creating opportunity for everyone to slow down and re-connect with themselves or each other, nurturing community and restoring a little balance to the buzzing pace of city life.


Karma Yogi

About Jodie

Meet Jodie also known as “Sunshine for breakfast” She’s our karma yogi that helps out to create our beautiful illustrations for our theme of the week. Jodie as been committed to the studio since the start. We love and support our Ray of sunshine fully!



About Fanny

Meet Fanny! We are so lucky to have her at the studio helping us out with all sorts 🙂 Catch her in classes, signing people in and generally helping us out in the studio 🙂


Karma Yogi

About Nora

Whilst on the path to becoming a yoga teacher I found Wild Wolfs Yoga, a sanctuary of love, support and knowledge that welcomed me with open arms into their wolf pack. As their first Karma Yogi my role has been to contribute to the general running of the studio – making sure it’s spick and span, incense and candles lit, tea brewing and ready for you to walk in and flow on our freshly infused yoga mats. I have a background in arts so I also have the pleasure of helping with lots of creative elements of the studio.