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PEACEFUL PERIODS – Empower Pre-Menstruation & Menstruation with Friedel Fink Prepare, Relax & Soothe

8th September | 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Menstruation is a major part of our experience as women and a recurring theme throughout our
lives – time to make friends with them if we’re not already! Why? Because a positive relation to
your cycle is gold and can change your whole perspective on yourself as a person, your body
and build strength and confidence in yourself and compassion and understanding for yourself.
I know because I have been there and done this work myself: The focus of this workshop is exploring
holistic ways to address the challenges of the pre-menstrual and menstrual phase apart
from popping pain pills. Through a blend of Yoga Asana, breathing, meditation, nutrition, selfmassage,
awareness and self-care techniques, I have completely changed the relationship with
my menstruation and transformed it into a peaceful and even enjoyable one. And you can do this
too! The keys are preparation, relaxation and nourishment.
This workshop is tailored for all people with a female reproductive anatomy that experience
challenges around this time (i.e PMS & PMDD symptoms, painful periods, endometriosis, absent
periods, hormonal imbalances, etc.) including pregnant women, or those simply wanting to learn
more how to integrate self-care into everyday life.
In this workshop, you‘ll get an introduction to:
– Asana, Breathing Techniques, Mantra for Pre-Mens & Mens
– Learning to connect with the female reproductive system
– Easy holistic steps to set up a peaceful menstrual phase (activity, nutrition, self care & more)
– Main Asana Sequence to support hormonal balance
– Techniques to prepare your body for menstruation with the 5 Element System
(of Chinese Medicine and Elemental Yoga)
– Techniques for soothing and pain management
– Nutritional basics for Pre- Menstruation & Menstruation
– An introduction to healthy and sustainable Menstrual Hygiene Products
– Group exchange in a small and caring circle
We’ll explore how to unlock and listen to our body’s wisdom by experiencing balancing Elemental
Yoga & meditation practice specifically designed to work with cycles in nature. Elemental Yoga is
a holistic system based on Chinese Medicine and the meridian system that works deeply with the
elements in our natural surroundings and in our bodies. The elements hold qualities that we can
learn to connect with- for it is a very inclusive system to access the bodies natural ability to heal
Benefits among others involve the balance of hormone levels, regulation of irregular or absent periods
(ie. after quitting hormonal contraception), establishing equilibrium of underlying emotional
& mental imbalances; to establish a wonderful loving and peaceful relationship with yourself and
relax into that.
No Yoga experience is necessary.
Reserve your space here:
Price: £30 including manual & tea
early bird (book until 30th of June: £25)


8th September
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Wild Wolf’s Yoga
32 St Nicholas Street
Bristol, Bristol BS1 1TG United Kingdom