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Yin and storytelling workshop with Tia

13th October | 11:30 am - 1:30 pm


Yoga, like any good story, is as much about the journey as the destination. The practice of yin really allows you to take the time to explore the pathways of your body, observing and slowly unravelling. Working into the fascia, the connective tissues of the body. Allowing yourself time to simply be.

Yin is a slow and meditative practice, spending longer periods in each posture and really working into some of the deeper held tensions in the body to find stillness and release.

So what stories does your body tell? The bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments that have carried you through life. Where might they carry you in your imagination?

What kind of dragon will you find today? A fire dragon? A water dragon? A sleeping dragon? Or looking upwards, ready to take flight?

What kind of owl? Wings unfurling or furled?

1st pic (headline photo):
Photo credit Monika Robinson @Nika Events
2nd pic:
Photo credit TJ Maher @YUJMU

During my Yin Yoga teacher training we spent a lot of time workshopping poses. Taking the time to really feel into each pose, observing the physical and emotional pathways and blockages, the thoughts and samskaras rising to the surface. Returning each time to neutral pose to allow the ripples to settle.

Somewhere in between twisted deer and hammock pose I felt some of these memories, ideas and emotions start to tumble towards my tongue in the form of poetry. (Somewhat strangely, partly in French. Possibly inspired by the presence of a French native and a French teacher sharing the training; fitting as the event alluded to occurred in a French speaking corner of South America.)

Returning again to savasana, I observed these ripples of creative inspiration. And realised that I often left yin classes feeling inspired to write, particularly after certain postures, and so the idea for this workshop was born.

We will explore a variety of yin postures, observing the stories and thoughts that arise as we work through them. There will be opportunity to jot down ideas and inspiration as we go, with time at the end to share your work and ideas in a supportive and safe space.

I look forward to sharing this practice with you and hearing any tales you wish to share.

Loving oms,

Tia xx

Spaces are limited (and early bird tickets priced at £10 only available until the 30th September) so book early to avoid disappointment.

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13th October
11:30 am - 1:30 pm


Wild Wolf’s Yoga
32 St Nicholas Street
Bristol, Bristol BS1 1TG United Kingdom