Inspired By Details ~ By Chrissy Fraij

So our 2nd Birthday has just happened... We had beautiful messages and we had a RIDICULOUSLY LOVELY evening that I am still feeling cosy warm from. Words, thoughts and feelings people shared with us... There is no denying it- our space is magic. It is. We all love it!...

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Carrot Cake (Of Dreams)~ Recipe By Tessa Kiros

  Many of you that attended our fundraiser for the Terere Kids Project, asked for the carrot cake recipe... it went down pretty well. In fact all of the cakes did! I went through a phase of being quite set on non dairy baking and alternative sweetenings.  Recently I...

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Lost (And Found) In New York City

So, as usual I ponder over the theme of the week in the studio. I love it. It is food for thought: memories, stories, philosophies, feelings... all sorts come up. This blog, written a few years ago, was at the beginning of a long trip I took. I had left my job, bought...

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‘Rituals are the formulas by which harmony is restored.’ I was interested about the rituals performed by my teacher, Tom. He inspired the theme of the week when he told me that ‘ritual’ was currently his favourite word and vibe. 'Really?' I asked him. Tom, his world...

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(I Always Remember) The Day You Were Born

Most birthdays, for as long as I can remember, I have had the same morning telephone call from my dad. He would wish me a happy birthday and then launch into the same story. His starting words each year were the same: 'I always remember, the day you were born. Jess,...

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Absolution… Absolutely Not? #endthewarinside

My sojourn in Switzerland was just what I needed. Cecile and I walked for 4 days, a small section of the Jacob’s Way pilgrimage. We had not sinned, nor are we religious, nor are we pilgrims (in the most traditional sense of the word). But we walked the way of the...

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