Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all. ~Emily Dickinson

So for those of you that read Part 1, you will know how moved I was to be invited into a Fijian village, to meet a real life angel called Q and to spend an afternoon in a village with a family.  When I was about to take the trek to leave, guided by Q, the little boy called Star looked at me wide eyed and said something in Fijian. Q smiled and raised his eyebrows at his nephew. ‘What did he say?’ I asked. Q answered, “Next time you come will you bring me a balloon?’ I was so touched by this sweet and simple wish I could only smile as my heart melted. Star gave me a grin.

Q and I were to meet again and I could return to the village; it was a meeting of faith. I would be on a bus that would be returning me from another part of the island and he would wait on the dirt road for the bus to pass and guide me back to village. Plans changed and I was unable to be on that bus.

That little boys hopeful face, though…a simple wish for a balloon. The innocent joy that comes from a balloon, a kite. Just something colourful in the sky…hope floats right? With the help of the Fijian people I stayed with I packaged up some gifts for the village: bread and butter (things they can only get if they come to town and only if they have the money), candy and BALLOONS. I so wanted to make this little boy’s hope become faith. We managed to find someone to transport the package with my note for Q and his family.

I carried on with my week in Savusavu town; in the nook of a Fijian family more accustomed to town life. My mind at times went back to the jungle, Q and Star.

I guess I never could have actually been certain that the parcel made it and that Star would get his balloons. But I more than hoped that day that it would. I had complete faith.

Jim Carrey said, ‘I don’t believe in hope. Hope walks through fires and faith leaps over it.’

I do believe in hope: I love the innocence and beauty of hope. I also love the strength that seems to come hand in hand with faith. And I have faith that the parcel made its way to Star. Knowing that his face would light up with joy as his hope turned to faith that wishes can come true.