Recently I was emailing with Charlie Speller details and scheduling about the Poppy Perinatal Teacher Training we are running at the studio… Amidst the finer details we checked in with how we were in our lives…

Me writing to Charlie:

Me and Steph are moving house tomorrow and last night she fell and broke her arm! She is due to birth in 2 weeks!!!!!! She was laughing about it this morning!!!!! YIKES! Can you send some Charlie magic please xxxxxxx

Charlie replying:
OMG, I can’t believe she broke her arm and that you moved house this close to the birth date — ha… well, I planted 24 cabbages and built parts of an Ikea kitchen the day I went into labour, so I do understand! 😉
I laughed out loud at this. And I felt compelled to gather stories!
In the later phase of the 3rd trimester, I am always impressed what the girls are up to… whether it be resting, planting cabbages, yoga, meeting friends for dinner, swimming or painting ceilings….

Natasha came down to the studio to help us with the website photos and she only had a couple weeks to go!

I watched Steph work up to week 38/39 of her pregnancy. She got a little bored in week 39 and decided to arrange a business meeting and in the heat she wore a vest, baggy thai yoga pants, topped off with a tailored jacket. She headed into town and bossed the meeting. She mowed the lawn. She went food shopping and organised stuff at the house. The weekend she was induced, Adam spirited her away from the hospital to the park for coffee and so she could hang out with our nephew and push him on the swings! Later we took her once more sneakily from the hospital for lunch, where we bumped into Helena who was at 38 weeks and part the Pregnancy Yoga crew from Wild Wolf’s. Steph and I had fun the night before Baby Wolff arrived: We yoga-ed in the hospital room, we hung out with our dad and brother, we ate asian food and payed table tennis at the University grounds nearby…
Here are just a few of the stories from the girls that came to Pregnancy Yoga and what they were up to the days before their baby arrived!!!

Lauren: I went shopping for leather skirts, had a 1:1 yoga session with Jess and when I was in the thick of contractions at home I put on a dress (it was 4am in the morning and November) because I wanted to look nice. ( Jess interjects: Lauren, did you not immediately strip off for a bath as soon as you got to the hospital???? Lauren: Yes. Within 5 minutes of arrival I was butt naked sucking on gas and air waiting for my bath to fill up!!!)

Lauren and I in the studio 2 nights before she gave birth…

Jo: We went for a walk round the downs & had lunch in a country pub while I was having mild contractions, booked in for an induction at 4pm that day but didn’t end up having it as we got there naturally.

Jess: I drove to and went shopping alone in Cribbs Causeway (needed the air conditioning!) then went for a spicy curry at Thali cafe with my husband. Contractions started mid curry!

Cat: I went to the tip and Ikea the day I went into labour; got escorted straight to the front of the tills! Then went for a walk in the dark to really get it going.

Chablis: I was grouting the bathroom floor and running a visiting workshop for 50 pupils at school.

Mama Wolff: First baby (Steph) was so excited and terrified….I was just waiting for a month and on my own quite a lot….Pottering and nesting. Second baby (Jess) we did move but mostly remember focusing on Steph and that she would be alright; preparing her with a dolly and scheduling people to look after her! Third baby (Adam) was focused on making sure everything was in place particularly for the girls- did not want them to miss out on anything at school or nursery! Always felt excited for each baby!

Kam: My waters broke but I didn’t go into labour so I went to Pasta Loco and had a three course meal and a glass of prosecco with my husband.

Helen: I filed the final piece of coursework for an online journalism course I was doing the day before I went into labour!Oh, and I also did my aquanatal class the night before, and while in the latent phase I watched Legally Blonde and did a lot of crochet.

Jo: I went for a swim in the river Frome then my waters broke , 3 weeks early

Cheryl: I did 10k walk few days before labour. No nesting for me though! Was waiting for the urge to tidy and it didn’t come! I’m still waiting!! Ha ha ha!

Kim: It was Christmas time & she was 9 days late so a lot of Christmas movies & mince pies! (So many films I could definitely write my own script to rival them all!) The contractions started while shopping in Asda made it through the tills & home for a nice 4hr bath before going to hospital.

Kathryn and I filmed some yoga flows late on in her pregnancy 🙂

Kathryn: I raked and re-seeded the lawn, walked miles with the dog and washed our kitchen ceilings in the week before labour.

40 weeks and at yoga on her due date!!!

So as much as the day you were born is a beautiful story, the days leading up to the arrival of a baby are fun stories too 🙂

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