What is in a name?

Wild Wolf’s:

Wild Wolf’s? We wavered for a while and mood boarded and had post its on the wall with different names. At one point we wondered whether to be utterly neutral and be called ‘The Studio”!!!!!!! Bringing the family name felt like such a very big part of us being blazened across our whole venture. And soon that seemed the only name that was right. This was us, heart and soul. This was us: completely, tenderly and wildly so.

We had mood boards pinned for months on my walls and worked so closely with Damien Hockey and still do to capture the magic and feeling we wanted to convey.

Steph and I poured our ideas, vision, our time and love and created a huge part of us and a soulful sisterly tone was set. Wild Wolf’s = family feels:

Wild Night In with the Aussie Wolff Sisters!

What is in a name?

Little Sis. Julia. Julie.

Little Sis is what she became… Julia arrived in our studio December 2016. I was sort of drowning at the time…a sea of never-ending admin and teaching far too much… We had officially opened Wild Wolf doors on 31st of October 2016. EVERYTHING WAS NEW. Steph, my big sister, could no longer put the hours in to the studio and she encouraged Julia our way… She literally gave the best gift a big sister could give: another sister, knowing this was exactly what I needed. I cannot remember where the name came from but it came quick and it stuck!!! Not just me calling her it but others too! I loved it when my  friend up North called and said, ‘So what is this about Little Sis? MOVING?’ The funny thing is, Julia is actually the eldest of 3 and you can totally tell!! She has also cared for me in the beautiful ways that only a big sister does.

Little Sis. What a girl to have at your side.

So Julia and Little Sis have been her names… she has also had Julie. My dad, who sees Julia every day, has always called her Julie. So sometimes I call her it too to make us laugh. SHE IS NOT A JULIE. She just isn’t. But we like it when Mr Wolff calls her it.  And especially when my nephew, Marlowe, does too…”Good bye, Julieeeeeeee,” he said when he had to make his farewell just the other day…. And Julie, how did she answer? The sweetest of answers: she kissed him on the nose. Julie? Well when Dad and Marlowe say it, it seems right and sounds SO cute. But Little Sis, to me, she will always be.

‘Good Night, Good Night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I should say Good Night till it be morrow!’ ~ Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare


What is in a name?

Baby Wolff(s)

I have had the honour of becoming an Auntie twice. Both times, having a new life in the family has been so special.

Marlowe meets Baby Wolff. He wants to hold him but WILL NOT look at him 🙂

My first nephew is Marlowe. Marlowe Wolff. He gets called all sorts: Little Incredible, Little Increds, Increds, Mar (he started referring to himself as this!!) , Malteser, Marley… I remember when I saw his name written down and Ioved it even more. It is just so him. I love the way he says his name and I love it when he says mine! ‘Jess, come on!’ The way my name sounds in his mouth is the biggest heart melter! On occasion he says, ‘Jesssiiieeeee!’ and he reaches out and strokes my face.

My second nephew is Frankie Wilder Elliston Wolff…

When this baby Wolff arrived his name was not clear to Steph. I understood this when I spent some days on the hospital ward. New parents in debate about names, undecided and going back and forth. Getting to know these new little creatures that had taken them by surprise. They were not an immediate match with the names they had. I looked at Baby Wolff when he was not yet a day old. ‘Who are you?’ I implored. And I swear, I was like, ‘ERNIE? ERNEST?’ I felt like this name was plucked out of the air and in to my mouth!!!! Was this little soul an Ernie in a previous life, had he brought some earnest qualities into the world with him, I do not know! Steph sometimes calls him it! He gets called all sorts! Frankie (his name!), Franks, Ernie, Winston (looks like Winston Churchill right now) and of course much more (Pudding, Sweet One, Little Man, The Baby, Little Guy)


SOOOOOOOO, What is in a name?

Capulet & Montague

From Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, Juliet Capulet muses on her love of Romeo,  her star crossed lover, last name Montague. A history of feud between both Montague and Capulet houses thwarts their union,

‘What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’

So is a name arbitrary? Juliet suggests that a name is simply a label to distinguish something from another. It does not create worth nor does it create true meaning.

Wild Wolf’s… Little Sis… Baby Wolff… And Capulet & Montague, What is in your name? Whatever your name, by any other name you would still be as sweet.

BUT I do love the strong feeling that these names bring.

With Wild Wolf’s I feel something spirited.

With Little Sis I feel protective and protected.

With Baby Wolff I feel family.

Spirit. Protection. Family. Names evoke feeling. And the emotive part of name, language, words, labels can be beautiful. They can poetically bring feelings to life.

Little Sis, this is an ode to you and everything you have brought to Bristol and our Wild Wolf family. Everyone needs a bit of a Little Sis: a protector and an effervescent energy. What a perfect combination. And that to me is what is in her name, my dear sweet and super powerful, Little Sis.

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